In order to address the critical shortage of housing for the members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe, the Yankton Sioux Housing Authority was organized pursuant to Yankton Sioux Tribe Executive Committee Ordinance adopted in 1961.  The Authority, as a subdivision of the Yankton Sioux Tribal Government (Resolution 97-21 on April 10, 1997), exists as a legal nonprofit entity empowerment to issue bonds, provide financing, and enter into contracts with the federal government and private groups for the purpose of planning, developing and implementing comprehensive housing assistance plans.

It shall be the mission of the Yankton Sioux Housing Authority to create opportunities to meet the housing needs of enrolled members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe by: Maximizing the utilization of available resources to ensure services are provided in an efficient, professional, economical and timely manner; forming and enhancing partnerships between the Yankton Sioux Tribal Housing Authority and tribal, state, local and private entities; and promoting self-sufficiency and improving the quality of life.